For the second part of this series, we now take a look at the weaknesses faced by Disneyland or Universal Studios if they set up shop in the Philippines.



The rainy season in the Philippines is usually from June to September, with October experiencing some rain. Anywhere between 6 to 9 typhoons are expected to make landfall every year.

The not-so-good news about this is that apart from bringing in some strong winds, these typhoons drop a large amount of water capable to flooding certain areas.

But the good news is that the rain plays a huge role in lowering temperatures. Even a slight drizzle can provide a lot of relief to a theme park with very little trees in it. Even better news that that fog is quite rare in the lowlands so any evening firework displays will never be obscured.

While the rain can be a challenge to companies with fewer resources, I am of the opinion that newer technologies and better resources can deal with it today. And if a theme park will be made by Disneyland or Universal Studios, I am pretty confident that their architects and engineers can design something that can handle four-month showers.

Perhaps eliminating roof gutters would prevent rainwater from coming inside structures. A roof could be extended a bit further out and the ground where water cascades can be lined with plants and gravel to catch rain water and distribute it to other areas within the theme park.


Summary of Weaknesses

  • It rains about four months of the year but technology and good engineering should take care of it.

Final Thoughts

I considered the supposedly high cost of electricity at a weakness, but decided against it. All companies that do business in the Philippines have to deal with the high power costs by imputing it into their products and services. This way, the costs is just passed on.

I would rate any lack of power supply much more of a threat. Fortunately, Luzon has a supply so this isn't a threat at all.

If you have the time, please check out the weakness in the article SWOT Analysis for Disneyland or Universal Studios in the Philippines, Part 3 – Opportunities as it is already out.

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