For this third part of our series looking as the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, we look as the possible opportunities that setting up Disneyland or Universal Studios can benefit the theme park.


Customers from all over the World

English is still the universal language. And since a Disneyland or Universal Studios theme park can leverage the ability of Filipinos to speak the language, it opens the doors to visitors from all over the world. I have noticed that even countries that do not speak English will find it easier to understand it compared to non-English ones.

Increased Flights from around the World

Philippine carriers were recently upgraded by the FAA to Category 1. This means that Philippine carriers can now mount increase the number of flights to more destinations in the United States. I understand that the European Union will follow suit soon, opening the doors to more flights to and from most of the European continent.

Career Advancement

Japanese companies, especially the car companies, have used the Philippines as a training ground for their executives. I understand that quite a few have risen up the ranks thanks to what they learn here.

The internal market of the Philippines is very competitive and the best practices learned here for operations, entertainment, food management, hotel management, and human resource management can be put into practice around the region, even the world. And just like the Japanese, executives assigned here can learn enough to move up the ranks to take on bigger responsibilities.

Summary of Opportunities

  • With the upgrade of Philippine carriers, flights to and from other parts of the world are expected to increase. Direct flights, which can cut down travel time, will make it more convenient to travel to the country in the near future. And since upgrades may allow carriers to save money, passengers may be able to enjoy more competitive prices.
  • Finally, a theme park that is dominated by the English language can be established. And since it is still considered the universal language, a Disneyland or Universal Studios here may be able to attract more international visitors compared to the ones in other countries.
  • The executives and staff of a theme park based in the Philippines may have the opportunity for better training and be better prepared for responsibilities in other regions.

Final Thoughts

When looking at the whole as the customer, the opportunities presented by a Disneyland or Universal Studios theme park in the Philippines are huge. With the upgrade of Philippine carriers, more flights can be mounted between the county and the rest of the world.

It may even be possible for both of them to actually co-exist in the country.

Since they are very different from each other, they may actually complement one another, as tourists devote at least one day to each of them. The rest of the days can then be devoted to the various beaches and shopping in the Philippines.

If you have the time, please check out the weakness in the article SWOT Analysis for Disneyland or Universal Studios in the Philippines, Part 4 – Threats as it is already out.

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