After discussing the opportunities that a Disneyland or Universal Studios will have in the Philippines, let’s take a look at the possible threats it may face.


Parking Management

The transportation outlook for a Disneyland or Universal Studios in the Philippines will most likely resemble Disneyland in the United States instead of the theme parks in Hong Kong or Singapore. This means that ample parking spaces need to be provided as visitors can be expected to arrive by car and by tourist bus in large numbers. Apart from the number of parking slots, the ticketing and payment booths need to be optimized.

Security will also need to be a priority with the parking area divided by a fence or wired fence. Roving guards and a camera security system will also need to be in place to make sure that damage or theft is kept under control.

The handling of public transportation such as tricycles, jeeps, and buses may also need to be considered. So the flow of traffic will need to be considered. Ideally, the roads used by private and public transportation should be separate to minimize the bottlenecks that public transportation drivers may cause.

Another thing that theme parks need to consider are people who may use the parking area, but do not patronize the parks. Doing a head count in and out of the parking areas is not a practical idea because of two scenarios:

  • Some of the passengers may take a car to the theme park and take public transportation on the way home because they live nearby.
  • Some passengers may choose to meet up at Disneyland or Universal Studios and ride home together in a vehicle.

Charging an hourly fee for those without validated parking tickets is a start; parking planners can then consult local experts on the behavior of consumers to fine tune the process.

Waste Management

Running theme parks generates a lot of garbage so handling it needs to be carefully planned early on. Places like Subic Naval Base have waters that are teeming with fish, so toxic materials from a theme park’s garbage dump can leak in to the sea. Apart from killing fish, it can be dangerous for the animals in the nearby Ocean Adventure Park.

If it will be places in flatter terrain like Clark Air Force Base, a garbage dump may lead to really bad smells within the theme park when the winds pick up. It can also soak the ground when the rains come to cause odors that can be time consuming to clean out. Not only that, but it can be a breeding ground for flies and mosquitoes.

Summary of Threats

  • A parking space and system needs to be put in place since visitors can be expected to use cars, tricycles, jeeps, and buses.
  • The management of waste needs to be planned early on to prevent any danger and inconvenience to the surrounding environment.

Final Thoughts

People who will be bringing in a Disneyland or Universal Studios in to the Philippines need to take a page out of the different malls within Metro Manila. Despite the availability of mass public transportation, their parking areas tend to be filled up by noon.

In the case of a theme park, I expect the parking areas to be filled up right before opening time as people will try to maximize their day by coming in at the first hour and leaving at the last. So everything about parking need to be managed properly.

The management of waste also need to done as poor planning can impact the surrounding environment, including the theme park.

If you have the time, please check out the weakness in the article SWOT Analysis for Disneyland or Universal Studios in the Philippines, Part 5 – Conclusion as it is already out.

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