Overall, I think that putting up a Disneyland or Universal Studios in the Philippines is viable. A summary of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats are as follows:

Summary of Strengths

  • Majority of the Philippine population speaks English, with some including the accents.
  • The people in the Philippines are better at providing service.
  • Many of the people in the Philippines are natural-born sellers.
  • The current exchange rate makes everything cheaper in the Philippines.
  • The large number of big malls complements theme parks.
  • The huge number of beaches means that there is more than one reason to visit the country.
  • A great night life with bars, bands, and shopping.
  • A bigger choice of food right within the malls.
  • Other attractions that go back hundreds of years in to the Philippines' Spanish colonial past.
  • There are several big locations to choose from, and expansion should be easier because places outside Metro Manila aren’t crowded yet.
  • The roads in certain parts of the province should be able to handle the load of visitors going to theme parts.

Summary of Weaknesses

  • It rains about four months of the year but technology and good engineering should take care of it.

Summary of Opportunities

  • With the upgrade of Philippine carriers, flights to and from other parts of the world are expected to increase. Direct flights, which can cut down travel time, will make it more convenient to travel to the country in the near future. And since upgrades may allow carriers to save money, passengers may be able to enjoy more competitive prices.
  • Finally, a theme park that is dominated by the English language can be established. And since it is still considered the universal language, a Disneyland or Universal Studios here may be able to attract more international visitors compared to the ones in other countries.
  • The executives and staff of a theme park based in the Philippines may have the opportunity for better training and be better prepared for responsibilities in other regions.

Summary of Threats

  • A parking space and system needs to be put in place since visitors can be expected to use cars, tricycles, jeeps, and buses.
  • The management of waste needs to be planned early on to prevent any danger and inconvenience to the surrounding environment.


Over the top of my head, both the strengths and opportunities outweigh the weaknesses and threats. And eve for the latter two, attention to the details during planning and proper implementation should negate any possible negative items.

Based on the local culture of Filipinos of taking their families, including the extended members around, I believe it cannot lose, provided that prices are not too high.

A Disneyland or Universal Studios can be expected to do well when it comes to selling food, provided it is tasty and not bland like international food. Anything sold needs to be flavorful, juicy, and if possible, comes with sauce or condiments.

Souvenirs can be expected to sell, provided they are items not found in malls all over the country. Ceramic mugs tied to rides, tall plastic drinking containers with logos proudly emblazoned on them, and metal refrigerator magnets should do well because these are the things I look for when traveling.

Pictures should sell, as long as they show people in rides and have the Disneyland or Universal Studios logo on them. I would certainly purchase at least one for posterity, even if I take my camera around with me. I may even be more if my experience at a theme park is a good one.

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