Before it became time to replace my Silvertec GBK300 Bluetooth Keyboard, I headed out to the computer shop to purchase exactly the same model. I was so happy with it that I never considered replacing it with another brand. Unfortunately, local stores seem to have dropped it from their inventory so I was forced to find something else entirely.

After testing out a few keyboards in the market, I mistakenly settled on a forgettable brand as several of the keys broke off after a few months. Except for a few old stocks, this brand is no longer on the market so consumers aren’t in danger of making the same mistake I did.
However, this error cost me a pretty penny and the timing could not be worse as I was working on my final paper at the time. Needing a replacement as quickly as possible, I began searching for a new wireless keyboard. I eventually narrowed it down to two Logitech models – the K380 and the K480. After much consideration, I settled on the Logitech K380 because the size was just a little smaller than my old Silvertec GBK300.


Given my immediate need, I normally would have plunked down the cash for a new Bluetooth keyboard after one or two tests. But I was hesitant this time around. Apart from not wanting to get stuck with another lousy keyboard, I was concerned about the design of the keys in the Logitech k380.

Firstly, I’m not much of a fan of chicklet-type keys because past experience didn’t put this design in a good light. I was also worried that the rounded keys, as well as their spacing, would take a lot of getting used to.

But after trying it out multiple times on varied occasions, I was relieved that both concerns were ill-founded. The keys were light enough to the touch to prevent fatigue but resistant enough to provide me with feedback. While the shape and spacing didn’t pose any problem either and I resumed typing my essays without any delay.

Still on the topic of keys, the Logitech k380 eliminated the numerical keypad on the right, making it a bit more compact than the Silvertec GBK300. A narrower keyboard meant that it was easier to fit in my briefcase.

Since this model makes use of AAA batteries, I am able to go on typing for a couple of months between replacements. And this is just when I use the non-alkaline ones.

[I’m actually more worried about my phone running out of power instead of this keyboard.]

Interestingly, this keyboard has the ability to remember three phones or tablets, instead of just one. This meant that my wife and mom could use it without my having to reconfigure it over and over again.


On the less positive side, the Logitech k380 is a bit taller than the Silvertec GBK300. Surprisingly, it is substantially heavier too, considering it is made of plastic. However, I cannot fault the external construction as it felt solid. So solid that it never flexed when used on uneven surfaces.

Another issue I have with it is that after the warranty expired, something was dislodged inside. Whenever I pull the keyboard out of my bag, there is a light rattle that sounds like a small piece of plastic has come loose.

I had hoped to open up the keyboard but the screws are hidden under the rubber feet which requires me to pry them off with a blade first. In the end, I decided to just let it be because removing the feet may affect the strength of the glue used to keep them in place. In the end, I might get stuck with a keyboard that slides all over the place because it lost all its rubber feet.

Something with easy access would have been appreciated. But then, I’m most likely in the minority for wanting easier-to-access screws.

Final Thoughts

Notwithstanding the pros, I am quite happy with the Logitech k380. I always keep it in my briefcase and rarely separate my mobile phone from it.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth keyboard to pair with your mobile phone or tablet, you might want to add the Logitech K380 to your list of items to consider. It may not be as portable as, say, a folding keyboard but it will allow you to type longer because of its sturdiness and battery life.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I was able to finish my final school paper with it. So if it’s good enough for something as demanding as that, I reckon’ it’s good enough for other things.


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