Not all acupuncturists are created equal. A typical acupuncturist will know where to apply their needles after you tell them your problem. But a gifted acupuncturist will tell you what your problem is without you ever uttering a word.

Fortunately, one does not have to go to another country to find a gifted acupuncturist because you will find an entire family practicing within the Philippines in the Zhu Quiang Acupuncture Clinic.

The Difference

Edward Yang is the acupuncturist behind the Zhu Quiang Acupuncture Clinic and what makes him different is that he can tell what is ailing a patient by merely looking at them. He can tell a person's state of health by looking at points of light, which happen to correspond to acupuncture points.

In a healthy person, these points of light will remain on the skin. However, if the person is unhealthy, these points shoot a beam of light outwards to bounce off a person's aura.

I addition to looking at a person's points, Dr. Yang is able to get more information on a person's ailment by touching his or her wrist. And since it is similar to taking one’s pulse, this is what he calls it – Pulso.

When it was my turn to enter his office for a consultation, he took my pulse and told me exactly what my health issues were. And everything he said was exactly what my doctors told me a few weeks earlier.

This is what sets the clinic apart for other acupuncture clinics. While other places have people who simply know how to administer acupuncture, the Zhu Quiang Acupuncture Clinic knows exactly what your problem is and adjusts the cure whatever health issues you have.


Every session starts with a diagnosis by Edward Yang. After holding my wrist for a few seconds, he wrote what had to be done on my medical card and passed it on to his staff.

I’ve had two sessions so far. The first one was a typical one involving only needles, while the second one involved heating the needles and using a slight electrical charge on them.

Start of Acupuncture

In my first session, I had 83 acupuncture needles stuck in me. For my second session, I had 127 needles applied. Only Edward Yang and his son, Edward Yang, Jr., are the ones allowed to apply the needles.

I did not feel any pain in my body because I don’t exactly have any defined muscles on me. All I felt was the tap of the tube housing the needle.

To give you an idea, try lightly tapping a straw on your arm. That minor sensation is what I felt when the needles where attached to my body.

According to Edward’s son, who also has the gift of seeing points, the people who feel pain the most are the ones with muscles. And the harder the muscles, the more the pain they feel. This is the reason why body builders can be sometimes be heard wailing or grunting as each of the needles are tapped on to them.

While the body is relatively painless, the places that a person will feel the needles are the hands and feet. Since the skin is thicker there and more nerves are present, each pinprick can sometimes make one jump, even after a warning has been made to the patient.

During Acupuncture

Each session takes anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour. And during that period, you need to make sure that your legs and arms don’t twist. If you happen to twist them, it is possible to pry the needles off.

If you are the type of person whose feet are spread flat on a bed, your toes will be pointing to the wall as your outer legs touch the surface of the mattress. Being like this myself, I had to make an effort to keep my toes pointing to the ceiling because there were needles applied to the outer side of my legs. It was a bit difficult the first time because I wasn’t in an optimal position. For my second session, I made sure to spread my legs out a little bit so it wouldn’t be too tiring to keep my legs in the proper position.

During your session, it is possible that some of the acupuncture needles will be heated after being applied. The purpose of heating the needles is to make them warm so the skin does not resist them as much.

It is also possible that some of the acupuncture needles will be attached to a small electrical current. This has the effect of making the skin under the needles pulsate with the mild electrical charge.

Some may find the charge to be unbearable so it is helpful to note that you can request that the current be adjusted to something you can tolerate.

In my case, I ask the nurse to make sure that the current is turned off before it is attached to any needles. Once attached, I ask her to raise the voltage slowly until it gets to a level that is the most I can tolerate.

The current may sometimes be unbearable for the first few sessions, so I requested that it be lowered a bit. After a while, I notice that I build up a tolerance so I ask the attending nurse to increase the voltage ever so slightly so I get that tingling feeling again.

It did feel what I would describe as a few cramp-like sensations under one of my toes on my first day. There was no heating or electrical charge applied at that time, so I assumed it was part of the healing process while I was feeling it.

If you feel a cramp during your session, don't be alarmed, as it goes away after a while.

End of Acupuncture

This is probably the most surprising part of my acupuncture session. While it is relatively painless to have the needles stuck in my body, removing them can be uncomfortable.

This is where you will feel the pinprick of almost every needle as it is removed. Some needles will be more painful than others.

According to Edward Yang, Jr., the reason why some needles hurt more than others is because each nerve is attached to a specific organ in the body. When the organ is sick the nerve tends to be away from its healthy spot.

When the needles are applied to the nerve points, they spur the recovery of the unhealthy organs. And as their health improves, the nerves move back to their healthy positions. This has the effect of dragging the needle point with it so the needle now becomes slanted in the skin.

Pulling out a slanted needle tends to be more painful because it travels a little further.

And while that may not feel wonderful at the time, it is actually a good thing because it means that you are healing.

It is also possible that after some needles are pulled out, some blood may come out. Don’t worry about this as the nurses have cotton balls swabbed in alcohol to clean and disinfect any small wounds.

And if you are worried about the sting of alcohol, banish that thought. You will not feel the alcohol because it is overshadowed by the recent pin pricks.


I’m not the type of person who is afraid of needles, but I will admit to being a bit tense during the hour-long procedure.

Of course, anticipating the pin pricks is a minor source of tension. But the main source is that I do not want to move because I am worried that a needle may come off. To prevent this, I tend to keep my body a little rigid. And doing this for an hour can be tiring.

It is only after all the needles were removed that breath a sign of relief because I can finally let my legs, arms, and chest relax.

For my first session, there was a little blood here and there. One particular drop came from my neck, where a couple of needles were inserted.

The spots where I felt a cramp-like sensation during the session felt a little tender. But it went away after about 15 minutes or so.

For my second session, I felt a slight, relaxing muscle ache. It was something similar to what I would feel after a good massage. Being different from the first session, I attribute this feeling the electrical charge I got this time around.

Each consultation ends with Edward Yang taking my pulse again. This is done to see if the acupuncture session was successful and if I still need additional visits.

Some people can be cured of their ailments in as little as a single session. While others may take a bit longer. In my case, I will be going on my fourth session for a severe allergy of the sneezing kind.

And though there was a marked improvement right after the first session, it did not go away. However, I did notice that it has been getting better with each consultation so I am looking forward to being finally rid of it soon.

Possible Alternative Cancer Cure

I have heard of as many as 50 people who claim to have been cured of cancer after undergoing several acupuncture sessions at the Zhu Quiang Acupuncture Clinic. In fact, I understand that Edward Yang may be considered for a Noble Prize because of this track record for curing diseases that doctors have turned down.

Some of his patients have come from the United States, the Middle East, and Europe, including Germany and Switzerland. He was even requested by Pope Benedict the XVI, but that is another story I to cover in a separate set of articles.

Whether he is able to cure cancer and other fatal diseases is true or not, is hard to ascertain from my point. But when princes from Middle Eastern counties request him fly into their countries acupuncture sessions, I am inclined to think it may have some positive effects.

So if it is indeed effective against cancer, well, the only thing a person has to endure is a few pin pricks for several hour-long sessions.


If you are on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, or EDSA, and coming from Cubao then you need to turn right on Annapolis street.

Follow this road as it curves to the right and puts you on Eisenhower Street and keep on going straight.

You should see Club Filipino on your left as you keep going straight.

The Le Gran building will be the last tall structure on the right, before the road hits a dead end.


  • Choi Garden Restaurant on the left while on Annapolis Street
  • Greenhills Shopping Center on the left while on Annapolis Street
  • OB Montessori School on the right while on Annapolis Street
  • OB Montessori School on the right while on Eisenhower Street
  • Club Filipino on the left while on Eisenhower Street
  • Dead end on Eisenhower Street

Final Thoughts

My ailments certainly have gotten better. And like I said, I already felt an improvement right after the first session.

But being the skeptic that I am, I still prefer to wait until I am absolutely sure it has nothing to do with the environment. So far, the results have been promising and I am encouraged to complete the treatment.

What I can confirm is that the treatment of my Mom has been an overwhelming success after only three sessions.

Finally, the prices that the Zhu Quiang Acupuncture Clinic charge are quite reasonable. My first session cost me under PhP 1,400; my second one was a little over PhP 2,000; and my third one was just a bit under PhP 1,200.

It may be expensive to some, especially with other healthcare specialists charging between PhP 500 to PhP 750 per consultation. But you need to consider that these same specialists will prescribe medicines, some of which may cost in the thousands.

In the case of acupuncture, it is very rare that medicines are prescribed; so what you pay at the clinic is usually all you need to spend.

Well, its time for me to head on to my next session. If you would like to give acupuncture a try, you can contact the Zhu Quiang Acupuncture Clinic through the information below.


With the passing of Dr. Edward Yang, his son Jay continues with his legacy. Unlike his father, Jay is a more of a practitioner of modern and traditional medicine. Being the case, it is suggested that patients get a diagnosis from a current Western-trained medical doctor before visiting him. Under no circumstances should a patient disregard the instructions of his or her Western-trained medical doctor.

Name The Zhu Quiang Acupuncture Clinic
Address Unit 104 Ground Floor Le Gran, Eisenhower Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
Landline +63 (2) 782-6400
e-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Clinic Days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
Saturdays are by appointment only
Closed on Thursday and Sunday

Clinic Hours 8:30am to 2pm


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