Gone are the days when not being able to comply with certain obligations can be chalked up to being young. As adults, society expects more from us, especially in dealing with each other.

I’ve listed a few more responsibilities that adults need to take care of below.



As kids, our parents would have most likely excluded us from this obligation. Let’s face it, death is not something that should be taught at a young age. Besides that, we tended to be rowdy as we’d run around the wake or burial.

As adults, it is our obligation to attend the funerals of relatives and friends. It is during this time that our presence is needed the most. By showing up, we provide support and help ease the pain that family and friends undergo.

While giving something is not an obligation, it is a very good gesture.

The best thing to do is bring a mass card. Churches or bookstores have this on sale. You’ll need the name of the deceased person so you can write it on the mass card. The name will also be given to the Catholic Church so a mass can be offered for the person who passed away.

Food is another good option. Anything from Mamon to Pancit to dishes eaten with rice are always welcome. You can get take out or have them delivered to the wake.

Another thing to bring would be flowers. The big ones with stands are ideal if it comes from an office or family as they can cost a bit. But even a small bouquet or a basket of Sampaguita tend to be appreciated.

Finally, money is a good choice as they will incur many expenses associated with the burial of the deceased. The cash can be placed in an envelope with the following suggestion written on the outside:

To the de la Cruz Family

Our deepest condolences.

From the de la Paz Family


As kids, tend to avoid bringing us to this type of affair as we tend to be rowdy by playing. Besides that, parents also avoid bringing kids to help minimize the wedding costs of the happy couple.

Once an invitation is sent to us, we should attend the wedding. If that is not possible, we need to tell the organizer that we are unable to attend.

However, buying a gift is a requirement after receiving an invitation. Gifts can be sent either before or after the occasion, as long as it isn’t too far away from the wedding day.

Food, drinks, and other items are alright to bring home, so long as the hosts offer them to you.


You need to check if the person is allowed to receive visitors first. And if they are allowed to receive guest, you will then need to check if they want to be visited. Some patients don’t want to be seen or may be too exhausted to receive people.

It’s best if you don’t bring any kids to such visits. Not only could the patient be contagious, but they could catch something from children.

If you’re not sure what to bring, fruits are the safest choice on a hospital visit. Ponkans, Oranges, Apples, or Grapes are alright. Don’t worry if the patient isn’t allowed or can’t eat the fruits, they can be consumed by family members.

Another good thing to bring would be a cake, several pieces of Mamon, or other pastries. If the person can’t take too much sugar, you can get sugar-free food. And just like the fruits, don’t worry if the patient can’t eat them as family members or other guests can consume the food.

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