As kids, we had the excuse of age in order to avoid certain responsibilities. But as we cross into adulthood, obligations become part and parcel of this stage of our lives.

As someone who thinks and acts like I am still in high school, it has taken me a while to understand and accept my obligations as an adult.

I’ve listed some of them below.


As kids, we would attend birthday parties of our cousins and classmates. Our parents would take care of buying gifts, which we would sometimes handover to the celebrant as we entered.

As adults, once an invitation is sent to us, we should attend the party. If that is not possible, we need to tell the person that we won’t be able to attend.

However, buying a gift is a must after being invited. This can be sent either before or after the occasion, as long as it isn’t too far away from the person’s party or birthday.

Cakes, extra food, and other items are alright to bring home, so long as the celebrant or host offers them to you.


As kids, our parents always took us along to family reunions. Chances are, our parents would bring over a dish or something that will be used for the reunion, such as plates, utensils, or the like.

As adults, we need to continue attending reunions. Perhaps this time around, our playground will be the living room instead of a lawn. Normally, contributions will be assigned by the organizers before the party and can be in the form of food or cash.

If it is food, we should bring a dish or drink big enough to share with others. At the minimum, it should be able to feed two and a half the size of our family.

Incidentally, you should not bring home the food you contribute to the party. That is considered to be the height of bad manners and selfishness. However, other dishes can be brought home as long as the host offers it to you.

Office Outings

It is an obligation if it is done during office hours so you need to attend such affairs, unless you have a good reason not to, like work.

Time after office hours or weekends are fine, so long as it isn’t done frequently or if the company pays for it. Affairs such as team building, official dinners, or a rare client call tends to fall under this category.

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