One of the most annoying things I have encountered with age is the need for reading glasses. Once upon a time, I had no problem reading books or even working with small items, then one day, it all changed.


Just like that, I needed reading glasses to even read the large fonts on my screen. And since I take a ton of pictures when I travel, I will admit it was difficult because I could not see if objects were in focus.

When I noticed that my pictures were becoming less and less clear and that my nose was getting closer and closer to my computer screen, it was time for me to visit my ophthalmologist.

And sure enough, I needed a higher grade than the reading glasses I purchased at the mall. Fortunately, my grade remained the same but I needed special lenses for my increases astigmatism.

New Lenses

Due to the higher level of astigmatism, I now needed special lenses. And the problem was that they cost much more than the typical one.

After establishing the details, my ophthalmologist suggested that I purchase progressive lenses instead of the usual doble vista. This means that I wouldn’t have that U-shaped piece at the bottom of my lenses. It also meant that I should be able to read papers at varying lengths instead of just two.

The catch was that it was more expensive than the typical lenses. For my situation it started out at PhP 4,000 and worked its way up to PhP 25,000.

[Ouch! That’s a camera lens already!]

The lowest level meant that I would lose clarity on parts of my peripheral vision. Sure, I could still see, but I won’t be able to read when I darted my eyes left or right.

[And this means no more slide glances at girls!]

The top end lens would allow me to see more clearly on the sides. The additional 20,000 plus also meant the lenses would become dim in bright sunlight.

[Not bad since I wouldn’t be able to use my sun glasses anymore.]

However, I just couldn’t justify getting something that could get me a brand new camera lens. So I opted for the cheapest version. And since my old frame was kind of worn out, I had to buy a new one as well.


After about a week of adjusting to them, I will admit that these progressive lenses are utterly amazing!

[I can read again!]

I no longer have to take off my old glasses and stick my nose to my computer screen when writing or when reading the missalette at mass. And I now realize that my blurred pictures were not due to my poor vision, it was because of my shaky hands.


Once upon a time, I would have had to use one of those clunky looking lenses, but now, they don’t look any different from typical glasses. It’s really amazing at how technology has progressed over the years.


However, I have noticed that these lenses aren’t perfect for everything. If you are working in an office and don’t need to dart your eyes quickly, then these lenses are probably all that you will need.

But if you live an active lifestyle by playing a lot of fast sports like basketball, badminton, or even mountain climbing, then these lenses can end up making you dizzy. Even computer gamers will find that they end up feeling dizzy after just a few minutes of playing.

So for people with active lifestyles and activities which require a lot of eye movement, I suggest getting separate glasses for reading and for regular vision. The most is that active people may want to consider sticking to doble vista or the old type of dual lenses. Not only are they better, they are also a lot cheaper.

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