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Eastern-Western Medicine Day, Part 2 – Ears, Nose, and Throat

With my lack of sleep and stress being taken care of by a combination of acupuncture and ventosa treatments, I only one more thing to take care of – my ears. So my next stop for the day was the clinic of Doctor Ramon P. Ramos, III.

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Eastern-Western Medicine Day, Part 1 – Acupuncture and Ventosa

It's been a while since I visited my doctors for a check up because I consider myself to be in good health, given my age. However, there are three things I do keep an eye out for – lack of sleep, stress, and clogged ears.

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Zhu Qiang Acupuncture Clinic

Not all acupuncturists are created equal. A typical acupuncturist will know where to apply their needles after you tell them your problem. But a gifted acupuncturist will tell you what your problem is without you ever uttering a word.

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Styling Element of Choosing a Watch, Part 2 -...
2016 Oct 08 - Martin MakalalintalStyling Element of Choosing a Watch, Part 2 - External Cues

After going through a quick primer on the fashionable side of watches in my previous article entitle [ ... ]

SWOT Analysis for Disneyland or Universal Stu...
2016 Jul 31 - Martin MakalalintalSWOT Analysis for Disneyland or Universal Studios in the Philippines, Part 3 – Opportunities

For this third part of our series looking as the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, w [ ... ]

Resolving the Water Shortage through Desalina...
2016 Oct 22 - Martin MakalalintalResolving the Water Shortage through Desalination

I met an interesting fellow over lunch today. After talking a bit about politics, he put forth an id [ ... ]

The Real 80s Baby, Part 2 – How to Spot a Fak...
2016 Jul 31 - Martin MakalalintalThe Real 80s Baby, Part 2 – How to Spot a Fake One

Alas, there have been many that have taken my 80s baby test in my previous article only to get a pas [ ... ]

Yakult for a Healthier Stomach
2016 Jul 31 - Timoteo SalasYakult for a Healthier Stomach

Taking after my mother, I have always had a cast iron stomach. I could eat just about anything and i [ ... ]

2016 Dec 11 - Martin MakalalintalSharks

Just like spiders and snakes, sharks have a fascinating and repulsive effect on people. Fascinating  [ ... ]

The Pope Francis Effect on Me
2016 Jul 31 - Timoteo SalasThe Pope Francis Effect on Me

I shamefully admit that I had planned to skip town during Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines f [ ... ]

Hermit Crab
2016 Aug 31 - Martin MakalalintalHermit Crab

With their alien looks, crustaceans look both disgusting and fascinating. And among all the crabs th [ ... ]

Buying from the Internet or Gray Market
2016 Jul 31 - Zeus ZuñigaBuying from the Internet or Gray Market

One of the biggest problems as a consumer is that buying items through authorized channels is usuall [ ... ]

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