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Resolving the Water Shortage through Desalination

I met an interesting fellow over lunch today. After talking a bit about politics, he put forth an idea to help banish the specter of drought in the country by building multiple desalinization plants in the country. With 7,107 individual islands surrounded by a limitless supply of water, I'm surprised no one kicked around the idea publicly sooner.

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Eastern-Western Medicine Day, Part 2 – Ears, Nose, and Throat

With my lack of sleep and stress being taken care of by a combination of acupuncture and ventosa treatments, I only one more thing to take care of – my ears. So my next stop for the day was the clinic of Doctor Ramon P. Ramos, III.

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Eastern-Western Medicine Day, Part 1 – Acupuncture and Ventosa

It's been a while since I visited my doctors for a check up because I consider myself to be in good health, given my age. However, there are three things I do keep an eye out for – lack of sleep, stress, and clogged ears.

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Zhu Qiang Acupuncture Clinic

Not all acupuncturists are created equal. A typical acupuncturist will know where to apply their needles after you tell them your problem. But a gifted acupuncturist will tell you what your problem is without you ever uttering a word.

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The Real 80s Baby, Part 2 – How to Spot a Fak...
2016 Jul 31 - Martin MakalalintalThe Real 80s Baby, Part 2 – How to Spot a Fake One

Alas, there have been many that have taken my 80s baby test in my previous article only to get a pas [ ... ]

Mango Leaf-eating Caterpillar
2016 Oct 08 - Martin MakalalintalMango Leaf-eating Caterpillar

After going through what is probably the rainiest year in my adult life, summer finally arrived for  [ ... ]

Hermit Crab
2016 Aug 31 - Martin MakalalintalHermit Crab

With their alien looks, crustaceans look both disgusting and fascinating. And among all the crabs th [ ... ]

Jeepney-inspired Popemobile
2016 Jul 31 - Martin MakalalintalJeepney-inspired Popemobile

The visit of Pope Francis was certainly a memorable one. Not only did millions of Filipinos have the [ ... ]

2016 Jul 31 - Martin MakalalintalBirds

Science is something that constantly changes with time and things considered to be fact in the past, [ ... ]

Stop Picking on Thin People
2016 Jul 31 - Ferdinando BulalayaoStop Picking on Thin People

I am sick and tired of people forcing me to feel guilty just because I am thin. It’s not like I st [ ... ]

The Pope Francis Effect on Me
2016 Jul 31 - Timoteo SalasThe Pope Francis Effect on Me

I shamefully admit that I had planned to skip town during Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines f [ ... ]

SWOT Analysis for Disneyland or Universal Stu...
2016 Jul 31 - Martin MakalalintalSWOT Analysis for Disneyland or Universal Studios in the Philippines, Part 4 – Threats

After discussing the opportunities that a Disneyland or Universal Studios will have in the Philippin [ ... ]

A Watch to Consider – Skagen
2016 Nov 09 - Martin MakalalintalA Watch to Consider – Skagen

As I mentioned in an earlier article entitled Styling Element of Choosing a Watch, Part 2 - External [ ... ]

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