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Resolving the Water Shortage through Desalination

I met an interesting fellow over lunch today. After talking a bit about politics, he put forth an idea to help banish the specter of drought in the country by building multiple desalinization plants in the country. With 7,107 individual islands surrounded by a limitless supply of water, I'm surprised no one kicked around the idea publicly sooner.

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A Watch to Consider – Skagen
2016 Nov 09 - Martin MakalalintalA Watch to Consider – Skagen

As I mentioned in an earlier article entitled Styling Element of Choosing a Watch, Part 2 - External [ ... ]

2016 Dec 11 - Martin MakalalintalSharks

Just like spiders and snakes, sharks have a fascinating and repulsive effect on people. Fascinating  [ ... ]

2016 Dec 24 - Martin MakalalintalSnails

Whenever someone mentions the name snail, three things typically come to the minds of people. The fi [ ... ]

2016 Aug 31 - Martin MakalalintalHouseflies

I’m not sure which insect disgusts me more, the mosquito or housefly. On one hand, mosquitoes are  [ ... ]

2017 Jan 10 - Martin MakalalintalStarfish

One of the things I always wanted to see as a kid combing the beach for seashells was a real live st [ ... ]

Life in the Most Unexpected Places
2016 Aug 31 - Archie AnonasLife in the Most Unexpected Places

Despite man’s efforts to alter his environment with steel and stone, nature still finds a way to i [ ... ]

A Watch to Consider – Tissot Chemin Des Toure...
2017 Apr 18 - Martin MakalalintalA Watch to Consider – Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Powermatic 80

In my last essay, I said that I would not be adding any more watches to my small collection after ge [ ... ]

2017 Jan 04 - Martin MakalalintalSpiders

I am just amazed at how diverse life is on earth. And some of the more fascinating ones are the grou [ ... ]

Mango Leaf-eating Caterpillar
2016 Oct 08 - Martin MakalalintalMango Leaf-eating Caterpillar

After going through what is probably the rainiest year in my adult life, summer finally arrived for  [ ... ]

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